Report: MLB changing rules to prevent sign-stealing

Looking to prevent sign-stealing, Major League Baseball is set to tighten its in-house video rules, Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci reported Tuesday.

According to the report, MLB will ban outfield cameras, aside from the live broadcast feed, from foul pole to foul pole. Clubhouse and bullpen televisions will have access to the game feed only on an eight-second delay.

Teams' designated replay-watchers, who determine whether the club should ask the umpires for an official review, still will get access to the live video feed. However, a monitor will make sure those employees have no communication with the rest of the team regarding signs.

The issue gained attention last year when multiple teams accused other clubs of using technology to steal catchers' signs in order to gain an offensive advantage. Verducci reported that "about six teams" were widely believed to have installed center field cameras for the purpose of stealing signs, with a few other teams under suspicion, too.

According to the report, MLB is distributing a five-page document that clarifies the regulations preventing sign-stealing. The only place where sign-stealing is allowed is from a runner on second base.

General managers and managers reportedly are being asked to sign off on a guarantee that their clubs won't steal signs, with the penalties of breaking the rules to include draft picks being forfeited and international signing money pools being reduced.